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Batman Trilogy Factoids

by James Connelly
The final chapter is here and I wanted to do my research to get ready for the showdown. I was all over the web from Wikipedia to fan forums but found the most interesting facts about the series on IMDB.com. I compiled the best easter eggs and little known facts from each film to enlighten you on the many levels of detail Christopher Nolan has gone through well directing this trilogy. This post might also finally solve burning questions like “WHY MAGGIE GYLLENHALL?! WHY NOT ANYONE ELSE?!”

Nolan setting a scene with Bale and Holmes

Batman Begins

  • In Batman Begins Christian Bale lost his voice three times during filming after altering his voice while playing Batman.
  • Before Cillian Murphy played the fear inducing Scarecrow the role was offered to Marilyn Manson.
  • Much of Batman’s gear and apparel, including his cape and suit, is based on actual military technology.
  • Christian Bale auditioned to play Robin the Boy Wonder in Batman Forever.
  • During filming of Batman Begins the trailer door for Christian Bale read Bruce Wayne.
  • In Batman Begins the license plate on Bruce Wayne’s sports car is 375 265.
The Dark Knight

Ledger and Bale

  • The Dark Knight is the first Batman feature film that doesn’t incorporate the word “Batman” in its title.
  • Even though Christopher Nolan offered her the part, Katie Holmes decided not to reprise her role as Rachel Dawes. Instead, she opted to co-star with Diane Keaton andQueen Latifah in Mad Money that same year. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Isla Fisher, Emily Blunt and Rachel McAdams were all considered for the role before Maggie Gyllenhaal stepped in.
  • The Dark Knight was the first Batman film with no live-action or CGI bats.
  • Neither of the first two films has opening credits or titles
  • Heath Ledger improvised when he started clapping inside his jail cell in a mocking and sardonic capacity as Gordon is promoted. The clapping was not scripted but Christopher Nolan immediately encouraged the crew to continue filming and the sequence was included in the film.

The Dark Knight Rises

  • Christian Bale has stated that he would not play Batman if Robin appeared anywhere in the trilogy. Christopher Nolan agreed not to include Robin as it would undermine the dark tone of his series.
  • One of the reasons why Christopher Nolan cast Tom Hardy as Bane was because of his performance in the film RocknRolla. Hardy stated that he thought he was cast because of his role in Bronson. He arrived on set only to learn that Nolan has never even seen Bronson.

    Bane seems like a good guy to me.

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt , Leonardo DiCaprio , James Holzier, Ryan Gosling, and Mark Ruffalo were considered to play John Blake.Gordon-Levitt was ultimately cast.
  • After The Dark Knight was released, Aaron Eckhart expressed interest in returning as Harvey “Two-Face” Dent, as the film had left his role relatively open-ended.Christopher Nolan stated that Dent was definitely dead, and that his death would leave lasting repercussions across Gotham.
  • At 165 minutes long, this is the longest Batman film released to date as well as the longest film that Christopher Nolan has ever directed.
  • Out of respect for Heath Ledger, the Joker is never once mentioned for the whole film.

I hope this was enjoyable and fun to read. I lucky was able to avoid all spoilers and I was terrified to fall into a trap and find out that Bane is really Mr. Freeze and a former employee of Bruce Wayne and did all his training because he was tired of getting held down by the 1%. Luckily I must have just missed that trap. Enjoy movie history when the Dark Knight Rises hits theaters today.

by Liz Davies

Anyone who’s read my article on the best graduation songs knows that I’m not a huge fan of the song “We Are Young” by NYC based band, Fun. It’s not that I think it’s a bad song, I just got sick of it after hearing it 15 times a day on the radio. “But Liz, why didn’t you just change the channel?” you may be thinking. Well, to you I answer: it was either on every other station I changed it to, or there was a commercial running. “Liz, why don’t you just get an iPod?” you may be also wondering. Well, to you, Ms. Fancy-Pants, I respond: I have an iPod. It’s an iPod from 2005 and the screen smashed when I became so angered by the prospect of working out that I threw it into my duffel bag, so I can’t pick what song I listen to.

Fun. redeems themselves with “Some Nights”

“Some Nights”, however, had me hooked from the moment I first heard it. I love a good drumbeat, and lead singer Nate Reuss, absolutely nails the vocals. You can hear the passion in every note he sings, and his range is unbelievable, even if it gets some help from auto-tune at times. I liked it so much that I actually bought it. Yes, I paid actual money for a song.

And the music video made me love this song even more. It chronicles the plight of several Civil War soldiers before, during, and after their battles. The band Fun. enthusiastically and dramatically joins them on the battlefield, using this song as an anthem to get them through the night.

So as you and your friends lie by the pool, imbibing in the national drink of the good old USA (PBR?), take a second to listen to this song and watch the music video. You won’t be sorry. But if that doesn’t help, here’s a drinking game to accompany the music video:

Take one sip anytime:

You see a soldier that’s probably under 18

You see an animal (bonus sip for animals in battle!)

Someone is wearing suspenders

An American flag is waving proudly (bonus if it’s a tattered flag!)

The band Fun. dances or performs merrily in the middle of an epic battle

You see someone’s breath from the cold

The lead singer of Fun. jumps, fist bumps, or punches the air

Finish Your Drink When :

A heavily bearded confederate soldier gets stabbed with a bayonet by a union soldier with fantastically blue eyes

I’m pretty sure this is what the Founding Fathers had in mind. Happy Independence Day, enjoy your freedom and ‘Murica!

Previewing A Men In Black Prequel

by Sean Connelly
In today’s Hollywood you can rely on one thing, expect the expected. I mean literally anything you expect to happen will, if a movie is successful you can bet there will be a sequel. In the rare case that the sequel is successful the movie then becomes a trilogy, it’s a formula that us, as viewers, are conditioned to enjoy. I do not enjoy this however and I think Hollywood has finally read my strongly worded letters. The trend is starting to change a little but it is also the same. Hollywood is starting to realize that sequels to successful movies, while lucrative are not as lucrative as their predecessors, the prequel. Yes that’s right I said it,

I would rather see a prequel, or origin story (as the virgins say) than a sequel or trilogy. With the recent success of the prequel Prometheus (the Alien franchise) and rumors that another prequel will supersede that on 10/11/12  I began thinking of other movies that should be prequeled. The Lord of The Rings already is getting the prequel treatment but I mean that scripts been written since The Hobbit was published. The other trilogy I think should be prequeled is the Men In Black Trilogy. I realize that this may be a controversial movie to prequel. When the sequel to the first came out it was widely disappointing only grossing around $235 million while the budget was $140 million. This grossly underperformed the original which garnered $326 million with a budget of $90million. After this huge disappointment the series took a decade off and many people were skeptical about the franchise ever returning to the screen. Then Men In Black 3 busted onto the big screen with a fresh Kay(Josh Brolin) and an old, but infrequently used, storyline: time travel. This was the rebirth of the franchise almost doubling it’s money in the month it has been out. This success had lead me to imagining how they could make a sequel to this and realized the only way they could capitalize off their recent success is prequeling the series! The question does arise however, who will the prequel(s) focus on?

The obvious answer, for me, at least,  is to prequel Kay (Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin) this is a character that one, has depth and two, lived in a time period where anything could happen.

A perfect replacement for Tommy Lee Jones

Also we already kind of got a taste of Jay’s (Will Smith) back story with the original and I wasn’t over impressed by it. I mean a cop that get recruited into a secret organization, cool story bro…not. Anyways if the studio could put together a decent script and get Josh Brolin to reprise his role as Agent Kay, I believe this series could make hundreds upon millions of dollars. Josh Brolin, after decades of obscurity, has become a legit actor, and I feel with his reputation and presence, this movie is instantly a must see.

The movie’s feeling could also be tweaked, it could be a comedy like the first two or it could be a darker movie. I feel keeping it not lighthearted but a black-comedy could work to this movie’s advantage, especially given the time period. With a black-comedy you could turn any of the monumental events of the sixties and seventies into an alien occurrence that could receive a couple of yuks throughout the two hours of the film. The story lines are endless there are global events like The Cuban Missile Crisis or localized events like the artistic revolution of America featuring Andy Warhol. The second storyline would also have an in the family feel by bringing back Bill Hader to play Andy Warhol.

A new way to look at Men In Black through the eyes of CGI

With the advancement in CGI technologies, the story could also be told with stunning visual effects. I feel that the hardest thing to do in the first film was to create believable aliens that an audience would connect with. In today’s world aliens are no longer people painted blue with funny ears, they are whatever anyone can/will imagine. CGI technology has become so readily available that this movie could hum with all sorts of cool effects.

Here are a couple story lines I would like to see the franchise explore:

The Cuban Missile Crisis: Fidel Castro is actually an alien political prisoner stuck on Earth. While in Cuba he is trying to flee Earth to get back to his home planet.

The Rolling Stones: As mentioned in the most recent movie Kay was sent out to investigate The Rolling Stones and I would love to see Kay run all around Eurpoe trying to figure out if they’re an alien life-form.

Funniest Character in the Movie!

Agent W and Agent Kay: Another story I would like to see is Agent W (Bill Hader) team up with Agent Kay (Josh Brolin) this pairing would be similar to the trilogy by having Agent W play the funny guy while Agent Kay is more of the deadpan kind of guy.

If Hollywood knows what’s good for them they’ll start writing the fan fiction I just posted and weave it into the best trilogy of prequels ever seen!

Bands We’ve Heard But Not Heard Of

by Sean Connelly

After watching the MTV Movie Awards I realized how big the band The Black Keys have gotten. This was a band that three years ago had only a cult following. How did they get so big in just a few short years? They, according to hardcore fans, “sold out” by selling one of their song Tighten Up to an advertising agency. This agency then put the song into several commercials and The Black Keys became an instant success. After this happened many agencies have switched to advertising with unknown musicians in the hopes that people will recognize the artist by the advertisement their first big song was featured in. This has been a hit or miss technique with only a few bands making it as big as The Black Keys. Here’s to hoping that another band as good as The Black Keys is found this way. In this article we’re going to take a look at commercial bands that are definitely worth a listen.

The Black Keys :

Obviously at this point a good portion of people know who The Black Keys are, if you don’t you should give them a listen. The Black Keys were formed in 2001 in Akron, Ohio. This band is a throwback to an old school style of music. Too much music nowadays is computer assisted or computer generated. This music on the other hand is not helped or made by computers, it is just man-made. The Black Keys feature a drum kit, a guitar, and last but certainly not least vocals. With three simple things (and a few other instruments thrown in from time to time) this band has been able to create seven albums with three of them being commercially successful. This new old sound is definitely appealing to many types of listeners from blues lovers to the 90′s grunge rock fans The Black Keys have a new sound for, hopefully, a new wave of actual musicians. Unfortunately, The Black Keys are ending their current tour soon and are on the other side of the country. Hopefully though you can catch them the next time they come around.

Fun. :

This is another band you should know from several commercials. The song We Are Young has been featured in numerous television shows and most famously was used in the Chevrolet commercial during this year’s Super Bowl. Fun. was formed in 2007 and received success much early than The Black Keys. This band unlike The Black Keys does not have very many hit songs. This makes me think if Fun. does not have another single very soon their 15 minutes of fame is up, but for now we have a great song to listen to! Fun will be performing in Massachusetts in July as part of The Vans Warped Tour, tickets can be purchased .

The Duke Spirit : The Duke Spirit are an English rock band. This is definitely a more obscure band compared to the first two. The Duke Spirit have a very unique sound in today’s rock scene because their singer, Liela Moss, is a woman. With the female lead vocals this alternative rock band can shred fast and hard or slow it down to a soothing melody. The Duke Spirit received most of their exposure two years ago when their song, Love Is An Unfamiliar Name , was featured in several commercials. These commercials ranged from iPod using the song without the lyrics, to a shoe company using their song with the lyrics. This band is currently very underground, and not to sound like a hipster here, but they are so good. I saw them live three years ago and they absolutely killed their set opening for Incubus. If you like alternative rock this band is definitely worth checking out. The Duke Spirit have a show coming up in Massachusetts and if you’re interested in going I know for a fact you will not be disappointed. You can purchase tickets .

The Crash Kings : This band is different from the rest of the bands for one particular reason. The Crash Kings have not had their songs featured in a commercial, The Crash Kings have had their songs featured in several movies, the most famous being Zombieland . The Crash Kings are a three man band featuring a drummer, a bassist, and a hyperclav keyboardist, vocalist. This band has a unique sound because the keyboardist is constantly switching from piano to guitar noises. This seamless transition makes the band hard to classify into one particular genre but I would say alternative rock with more on the side of rock would describe them pretty well. They have also had singles on the radio about three years ago. The single they are most known for is Mountain Man . Again, I have seen this band live two times and both times they were full of energy and you could tell they loved performing. The second show I saw them at they played for close to 4 hours, mind you they have one album. These guys are great to see live and if you get a chance to see them take it. Unfortunately, like The Black Keys, they will not be around the Massachusetts area in the near future.

Now I want to share a band that you haven’t heard but you should really give a listen to, The Mountain Road Ramblers. This is a band out of Rindge, New Hampshire and Nick already did a write up of them , but thought I would give them a shout out here as well. This, I hope, is the new sound of mainstream music. I literally haven’t been able to get Turn It Up or M.R.R. out of my head since I first heard them play. If you like music, you’ll love The Mountain Road Ramblers. You can listen to the “Ramblers” on PureVolume .

by Liz Davies

Whether it’s from your favorite movie, played during a pivotal moment during your childhood, or is a part of an inside joke with your friends, everyone has at least one song that brings back a flood of memories.  Whenever I hear Bye, Bye, Bye , I think of my 12 th birthday party at Ficco’s Bowladrome, dancing under the black lights during Friday night glow-bowl in the last few days of summer with my best friends. I also think of how I didn’t live up to the promise I made to my 12-year-old self of marrying JC Chazes, but that’s not really as relevant to this article.

Since it’s the season of graduations, the radio has been littered with songs that spark feelings of nostalgia and new beginnings. I’ve gone through both high school and college graduations, so I’ve heard my fair share of playlists spewing songs of well wishes, advice and hopes for the future. Some are upbeat and deliver the message that anything is possible. Others reminisce times with friends in the past. Some deliver simple messages of hope and happiness. Some pull at your heartstrings so hard that you immediately begin to sob while looking at your Facebook pictures from 2007 (wow, my hair was stupid) and how skinny you were (not in my case). So here is a list of my top ten graduation songs for both high school and college grads.

First, a few songs that didn’t make the top 10:
*Born To Run-Bruce Springsteen
*Baba O’Riley-The Who
*No Such Thing-John Mayer
*Hanging by a Moment-Lifehouse
*(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life-Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes
*These Walls-Teddy Geiger
*Thnks Fr Th Mmrs-Fall Out Boy. I left this off the list just like they left vowels out of the title. I don’t care how sassy the band was trying to be with this title, there’s just o excuse.
*Long Live-Taylor Swift. For a few minutes, you and your friends feel like they ruled the world. But now reality has set in and you realize that you have to work pretty hard to stay on top. Damnit.
*The Heart of Life-John Mayer. When you get down to it, life is pretty sweet, even if it shits all over you sometimes.
*Don’t You (Forget About Me)-Simple Minds. From the great high school/coming-of-age movie The Breakfast Club . It’s great on the radio, but never as good as it is while seeing Judd Nelson’s fist of might in a freeze frame.
*Don’t Stop Believing-Journey. Incredible song, but it can be played in so many other situations aside from graduations. Look for this to be included in my favorite songs to belt out while singing alone in my car.
*How Far We’ve Come-Matchbox Twenty. I originally had this in the top 10, but then I listened to it and remembered that this is actually about the end of the world.

#10. We Are Young-Fun. Ft. Janelle Monae

Not my favorite song on this list, or even the ones outside the top 10, but I outsourced help to figure which of the songs outside the top 10 should be bumped up, and my friend Kelly said this one. I can see how it fits: it captures a crazy night between friends and they justify it by saying that they’re young. Over and over again. It’s catchy and fun though, so I guess I can suck it up and leave it in the top 10 for Kelly.  But only if she admits that I was right about the lyrics to “Send Me On My Way” which may or may not be featured later in this countdown.

#9. The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)-Jason Mraz

This might not seem as epic as one of the other classic songs on this list, but it’s still got a really great message. Stop worrying and just live your life to the fullest. Just enjoy the experiences as they come, and let them go if they don’t go the way you wanted. As someone who worries about the most insignificant things, I often have to remind myself of the message of this song. But mostly I just really like Jason Mraz, and even I’ll admit that this is a pretty biased choice.

#8. Breakaway-Kelly Clarkson

One of the only songs on her CD of the same title, Breakaway , that doesn’t immediately make listeners want to castrate any man within eyesight. This is actually a really pretty song about sucking it up and moving on from something that’s comfortable in order to become a better version of yourself. I’m pretty sure it was also the theme song for The Princess Diaries 2 , but I’ll look past that and celebrate its message instead. If I ever move away, I’m going to listen to this as my plane takes off into the sunset and make sure that just one tear rolls down my cheek. It doesn’t get more poetic than that.

#7. Don’t Stop-Fleetwood Mac

The message is simple and clear: don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. Yesterday is over, and you can focus on where you’ll be in the future instead of dwelling in the past. Things will get better no matter how bleak things may have been yesterday or in the past. High school sucked? Who cares, you have college to look forward to. Also, your true friends won’t root for you to fail, so screw the haters. Although if you have multiple haters you’re either in middle school or may have to reevaluate your behavior.

#6. I Hope You Dance-Lee Ann Womack

I’m going to be honest with you: I’m pretty embarrassed about this song choice. You don’t get much cheesier than this, but you can’t deny that it’s got a pretty deep message. I don’t want to gush much more for fear of ridicule, but this song dispenses some pretty great advice. Thank you, Ms. Womack, I will feel small when I stand beside the ocean and I won’t fear those mountains in the distance.

#5. Forever Young-Rod Stewart

Who doesn’t want to stay in their glory days forever? This song reminds us all to hang onto the good times and memories even into adulthood. We’re all going to get bogged down by work, family and other responsibilities, but this song wishes us the best on our journey. These are the well wishes that all of our parents have for us from the moment we’re born straight through to adulthood. This is probably the best song to put in a video or picture montage, which makes it an instant classic.

#4. Send Me On My Way-Rusted Root

Yup, this is the Matilda song! That’s probably why our generation loves it and has such great memories of it, but it’s still a great song for a send off! This is a great song when groups of drunk college kids are at a party for one of the last nights before graduation. Revel in the fact that nobody knows any of the lyrics except “send me on my way” and “reach out my little hand”. Also, the friends that made fun of me for saying “reach out my little hand” instead of “reach out my hand” can suck it because they do say “little hand” during the second verse. Who do you think I am, my mom trying to sing any song ever? Please, I know my song lyrics.

#3. Graduation Song (Friends Forever)-Vitamin C

This song hit me hard during my 6 th grade graduation. This isn’t really much more than a sappy song about missing friends after graduation, but it served its purpose and did it well. And, wait; is that a gospel choir at the end of the song? Preach! My optimistic 6 th grade self really believed the message of this song. But if that were true, I would actually still have my own friends instead of just latching onto my brother and his friends.

#2. Here’s to the Night-Eve 6

Unlike many tunes on this list, this is actually a legitimately good song that I could listen to again and again. It’s got artistic integrity, a great beat, and some really beautiful lyrics. It brings me back to the last nights before graduation, realizing that I only have a limited amount of time to do all the things I wanted to do. Well if getting wasted and not dying were the only goals during those nights, then mission accomplished. The uncertainty of graduation and what’s to come can be terrifying, so live it up with your friends for as long as you can. As predicted in the song, I would give anything to go back to the nights before graduation and live carefree with my friends. Unfortunately all good things come to an end, but I’ll always have this song to remind me of the great times and bring the amazing memories back.

#1. Good Riddance (Time of your Life)-Green Day

From the moment you hear those first notes on the guitar, you know you’re in for a rollercoaster of emotion for the next three minutes. It’s one of the most well-known and revered graduation songs of all time, and rightfully so. Even my music-hating mother appreciates this one, even if she sings it all wrong. Mixed emotions are an integral part of the graduation process and this song captures those perfectly. Sure it’s time to move on and seek other opportunities, but there are also memories, teachers, and friends that you’ll miss seeing every day.  Fun fact: this was the #1 wedding song of 1999 despite the bittersweet title. Although I’m no one to judge, considering I locked in my wedding song choice at the ripe old age of 12. If you ever hear This I Promise You by *Nsync blaring from the reception area of an Applebee’s, be sure to stop in and say hey! But seriously, this song is the essential graduation song because it’s so honest when other songs only focus on the positives of graduation. Yes, school was fun, but it was also scary at times. And it’s somewhat of a relief to be done with all the hard work and stress. The journey was worth it in the end and was undoubtedly a lot of fun, but it’s also nice to move onto something new.

I hope that these satisfied your need for sentimental songs that will get you through your graduations. Congratulations 2012, and to quote Vitamin C from her song Graduation (Friend’s Forever) , “La, la, la, la, la, la, la. Yeah, yeah.” Truer words have never been spoken.

by Sean Connelly
Summer is approaching fast for all us college kids and some of us are already on summer break! I know it doesn’t feel anything like summer right now but we can only hope it gets warmer and there will be a few beach days in the future! In order to get ready for the summer you have to have the right gear, so here’s a list of hot items you should invest in to have the best summer possible!

1. The ZBoard

Looking to get around fast but don’t have a car? The Zboard can help you out. This is a motorized skateboard that is perfect to get form place to place in style. Enjoy the sun and look cool without putting fourth much effort. The Zboard is totally motorized and to make it go all you have to do is lean forward. Simple enough right? To stop or slow down, lean back and the shift in pressure will slow down and eventually stop the ZBoard. As the website says the board was, “Born in Hermosa Beach” and I can totally picture cruising down the boardwalk on my ZBoard. The only downside is the ZBoard is about $500, although I don’t think I would ever regret the purchase!

Motorized Weight Sensing Skateboard


Are you a green saavy person who also likes to rage? Well have I got a product for you! The Eton Rukus Solar Powered Boombox is relatively new and can run on solar power. The solar panels will charge the Rukus in six hours. If you can’t wait that long all you have to do is plug the AC Adapter into the Rukus and into the wall and it’ll play that way as well. These speakers have Bose quality sound and is a way better alternative than putting your iPhone on and blasting out your one speaker. The only downside is that this is not a real boombox because it doesn’t have a radio. It does however come with a blue tooth link up which you can easily sync your iPhone to the Rukus. So grab a beer sit in the sun and and jam out, or invite people over and rage. Either way you’re being environmentally friendly All you need to do is recycle $150 to Amazon and this Rukus is yours!

3. Bumper Boats

Which kid didn’t like bumper boats? I’ll tell you, the lame ones. As a child who was not athletic this was the only thing I could beat other kids at. I know you’re probably thinking no one wins bumper boats. WRONG! I went on the bumper boat bone dry and I got off the bumper boat bone dry. Of course that could of been because I sat in the corner and no one tried to squirt water at me…but that’s a story for a different time. Bumper boats have always been cool and now you can own your own pair! Who’s to stop you at a pair though? Buy a fleet of bumper boats if you wish! Now it is recommended you only use the boats in the pool but this is America God Damn It! Take your fleet into the ocean and bump and squirt each other on the high seas! At $99 a piece it’s not the most expensive alternative to reliving your childhood. Luckily for me I hated my childhood so I’ll never buy these! You totally should though, so cool.

Motorized Bumper Floats

4. Grass Flip-Flops

Now I know this really doesn’t fall into the category of gadget or toy but these are very cool! I love walking around barefoot in the summer, it’s very comfortable and shoes just get in the way. With these flip-flops you can walk “barefoot” at all times. This is a good alternative to playing the guessing game bare feet edition. I’m always worried that walking on the grass I’ll step on something like glass. WIth the high quality synthetic grass I can take the guess work out of walking barefoot. This is a cool edition to any wardrobe and I would highly recommend buying them. At $30 it’s a steal!

5. Inflatable Beer Pong Table

If you’ve ever been to a party in college or been to a party with college age people you know the game. Beer Pong has been played on tables since the game was invented. This toy flips the old idea that beer pong is not a water sport on it’s head. With the inflatable beer pong table you can have a party and be the toast of the town. No longer will you have to choose at a summer barbeque between swimming in the pool or playing beer pong. Just cannon ball in and start playing! And who’s to say you can’t inflate this bad boy at the beach? Blow that sucker up and plat pong with the fishes, maybe you could even beat Aquaman on his home turf! A small price ($63) to pay to be a legend of land and sea.

by James Connelly

I will be moving out of my awesome townhouse in less then two weeks. As sad as that is for me I have already started looking at how I am going to revamp my room back home (even more sad then leaving the townhouse.) I was searching online and found these two gems which I will be ordering the second this post is up.

Anyone can paint a room or move some pictures around so it will look nice but these two items will greatly give your room some character and efficiency and they both cost less then $40.

Arcade Light Switch

With this fully functional light switch you can feel like you are back at the arcade button mashing your way through any side scrolling fighting game. This was the first thing that caught my attention was the originality and novelty of this piece. Now I am from the generation of home gaming but this take me back to the sounds of the arcades fighting as the Ninja Turtles with my brother while we wasted all our quarters on restarts. I probably spent more money for one more life as Donatello then it costs to buy this awesome conversation piece. The other cool part is it is no a mass production piece and it is hand made by two people. The colors are customizable and you are helping a small business. And at Project Landmine we are all about that.

USB Wall Plug

Now if I had to choose this one over the Arcade Light Switch it would only be for the efficiency and logic of the USB Wall Plug. This takes care of all of the world’s charging needs (everything worth charging.) The USB Wall Plug comes equipped with two standard three prong sockets and two usb inputs. Any device that charges through a USB are all supported on this product and in a few years it would be crazy if every house did not have at least a few of these installed. So stop fumbling and loosing chargers and grab your USB cord and plug it into the charger you will never misplace.

Now these products might sound expensive but how many stories will you get out of the switch? Plus how many chargers are you going to loose before it equals the USB Wall Plug?

* Cheap Ugly Alternative