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Most Popular College Bloggers

Blogging has become a big thing these days. It seems like everyone has a blog channel or a personal page and asks everyone to subscribe. Well, blogging is a way to express a person’s thoughts, knowledge, opinions, personality, and many more. In other words, blogging can be about anything you want to share. And who is most fond of doing this? Of course, college students. They love to blog because they can go to more places, get to attend more concerts and parties, know more about trends and things, among others. They are also the ones who enjoy the benefits of the internet and social media. Therefore, blogging is something big for college students.
For some students, blogging is their way of releasing stress from their daily routine. College students are always busy with their school work, especially paper works, like essays and assignments. It is just a good thing that there are essay writing services like Best Essays that students can turn to anytime they need an essay for school. The reviews on this site, like best essays review, give the students the idea of what help this site can offer them. There is also a Dr. Assignment that caters to different assignments that students are given. To see if this is a reliable site or not, students can read the reviews on dr assignment reviews. There are many other reviews on these online writing service sites, just like review for students to get more information before dealing with it. When these websites do the job of essay writing, students will have more time to do blogs.

Popular College Bloggers

1. Le Northern Belle
If you are into fashion and lifestyle, then you should follow this blog site run by college student Martha Appiah. Her blogs are interesting as she prefers interactive blogs and posts. She also gives out college tips that will attract many college students.
2. DoubleExposure
Fashion is what you get from this fashion blog by Reese Blutsein. She is a blogger with love for fashion and clothing without spending much on it. Yes, she shares blogs on how to be fashionable with minimal expense. This is a blog that is friendly for college students who always are on a tight budget.
3. Dani Dearest
This is a blog site run by a college student named Dani. As many college blogs focus on fashion and style, this blog is more on fitness, organization, and study tips. This blog shares college tips, especially in coping up with anxiety. The posts from this blog will surely be helpful to many college students.
College life is not easy to deal with. There are just tons of work and tasks to do that many students can no longer cope up with. But with helpful essay writing websites, college students can somehow take it easy. They can release pressure and stress by blogging. This is their way of expression, sharing information, and helping others through sharing experiences in life. This is why there are tons of blog sites today, as people would want to share their thoughts with others.


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