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We’ve got exciting news to share with you, Due to our the large amount of support from our fans and the overwhelming amount of traffic the Project has been getting …

June 20, 2012 ·

Inside the Mind of a 13-Year-Old Girl

Several days ago, I was lucky enough to find a letter that I had written to myself 10 years ago when I was in the seventh grade. What I found went beyond anything that my current self was expecting.

June 20, 2012 · Leave a Comment

Muhammad Khan Hussein (no relation) was born in a small town in Pakistan. He was born to a wealthy family, his father is an oil baron in the Middle East. …

June 12, 2012 ·

Authors Sean Connelly and Andrew Barker enjoying the weekend…while getting weird looks.

June 9, 2012 ·

Liz Davies developed a love for writing during elementary school. A self-proclaimed “laugh whore”, she thrives off making others laugh with her immature humor and mostly stolen/repeated jokes. Liz’s mother …

May 20, 2012 ·

Note from the author: Listen to this song: Read this article while listening to above song Try to fight back tears Fail. Mop tears up with your sleeve Continue and …

May 9, 2012 ·

Just a quick look into our guest bloggers hard at work.

April 23, 2012 ·

Davies is an easy going kid from Norfolk, Massachusetts. He found his love for TV production during his time in high school. He decided to go to Franklin Pierce University …

February 27, 2012 ·

Connelly is from Norfolk, MA. He found his passion for media production during high school at King Philip High School. He went on to study at Franklin Pierce University studying …

February 27, 2012 ·

Vitukevich comes from the small town of Londonderry, New Hampshire where he developed a passion at a young age for journalism. He then moved on to study Mass Communication: Journalism …

February 27, 2012 ·