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Previewing A Men In Black Prequel

by Sean Connelly
In today’s Hollywood you can rely on one thing, expect the expected. I mean literally anything you expect to happen will, if a movie is successful you can bet there will be a sequel. In the rare case that the sequel is successful the movie then becomes a trilogy, it’s a formula that us, as viewers, are conditioned to enjoy. I do not enjoy this however and I think Hollywood has finally read my strongly worded letters. The trend is starting to change a little but it is also the same. Hollywood is starting to realize that sequels to successful movies, while lucrative are not as lucrative as their predecessors, the prequel. Yes that’s right I said it,

I would rather see a prequel, or origin story (as the virgins say) than a sequel or trilogy. With the recent success of the prequel Prometheus (the Alien franchise) and rumors that another prequel will supersede that on 10/11/12  I began thinking of other movies that should be prequeled. The Lord of The Rings already is getting the prequel treatment but I mean that scripts been written since The Hobbit was published. The other trilogy I think should be prequeled is the Men In Black Trilogy. I realize that this may be a controversial movie to prequel. When the sequel to the first came out it was widely disappointing only grossing around $235 million while the budget was $140 million. This grossly underperformed the original which garnered $326 million with a budget of $90million. After this huge disappointment the series took a decade off and many people were skeptical about the franchise ever returning to the screen. Then Men In Black 3 busted onto the big screen with a fresh Kay(Josh Brolin) and an old, but infrequently used, storyline: time travel. This was the rebirth of the franchise almost doubling it’s money in the month it has been out. This success had lead me to imagining how they could make a sequel to this and realized the only way they could capitalize off their recent success is prequeling the series! The question does arise however, who will the prequel(s) focus on?

The obvious answer, for me, at least,  is to prequel Kay (Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin) this is a character that one, has depth and two, lived in a time period where anything could happen.

A perfect replacement for Tommy Lee Jones

Also we already kind of got a taste of Jay’s (Will Smith) back story with the original and I wasn’t over impressed by it. I mean a cop that get recruited into a secret organization, cool story bro…not. Anyways if the studio could put together a decent script and get Josh Brolin to reprise his role as Agent Kay, I believe this series could make hundreds upon millions of dollars. Josh Brolin, after decades of obscurity, has become a legit actor, and I feel with his reputation and presence, this movie is instantly a must see.

The movie’s feeling could also be tweaked, it could be a comedy like the first two or it could be a darker movie. I feel keeping it not lighthearted but a black-comedy could work to this movie’s advantage, especially given the time period. With a black-comedy you could turn any of the monumental events of the sixties and seventies into an alien occurrence that could receive a couple of yuks throughout the two hours of the film. The story lines are endless there are global events like The Cuban Missile Crisis or localized events like the artistic revolution of America featuring Andy Warhol. The second storyline would also have an in the family feel by bringing back Bill Hader to play Andy Warhol.

A new way to look at Men In Black through the eyes of CGI

With the advancement in CGI technologies, the story could also be told with stunning visual effects. I feel that the hardest thing to do in the first film was to create believable aliens that an audience would connect with. In today’s world aliens are no longer people painted blue with funny ears, they are whatever anyone can/will imagine. CGI technology has become so readily available that this movie could hum with all sorts of cool effects.

Here are a couple story lines I would like to see the franchise explore:

The Cuban Missile Crisis: Fidel Castro is actually an alien political prisoner stuck on Earth. While in Cuba he is trying to flee Earth to get back to his home planet.

The Rolling Stones: As mentioned in the most recent movie Kay was sent out to investigate The Rolling Stones and I would love to see Kay run all around Eurpoe trying to figure out if they’re an alien life-form.

Funniest Character in the Movie!

Agent W and Agent Kay: Another story I would like to see is Agent W (Bill Hader) team up with Agent Kay (Josh Brolin) this pairing would be similar to the trilogy by having Agent W play the funny guy while Agent Kay is more of the deadpan kind of guy.

If Hollywood knows what’s good for them they’ll start writing the fan fiction I just posted and weave it into the best trilogy of prequels ever seen!

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