by Michael Davies

The clock is set to 9:12pm (aka 2112). Pretty sneaky Rush!

Rush’s long awaited album, Clockwork Angels , is finally in available in stores and on the iTunes store. Rush fans have anticipating their 19th studio album for almost three years. During the summer of 2010, Rush released “Caravan” and “BU2B”, which are the opening tracks to the album. They even performed these songs on their last world tour, Time Machine, and got fans excited for “the new Rush.”

Most people would expect Rush to hang up their instruments and call it a career after 38 long, emotional, and successful years – not these guys. Since the turn of the century, Rush has entered a (yet another) new phase of their musical journey. In 2002, their Vapor Trails album marked the return of Rush sounded so different from the Rush we all know and love. Then in 2007, Rush mixed the new and old styles to create the Snakes and Arrows album. Now Rush has unveiled a new chapter for the band and have shown they are not ready to stop yet.

When describing Clockwork Angels , it is hard to compare it to a particular album or song. All the songs have an extra kick that Rush has been missing in their past few albums. To put it simply, all 12 songs are epic. Here is a list of all the songs on Clockwork Angels:

1. Caravan
2. BU2B
3. Clockwork Angels
4. The Anarchist
5. Carnies
6. Halo Effect
7. Seven Cities of Gold
8. The Wreckers
9. Headlong Flight
10. BU2B2
11. Wish Them Well
12. The Garden

Instead of breaking Clockwork Angels down song by song, I will give out awards for which songs have stood out to me.

Best Song: “Headlong Flight” – If there were a song to define Rush, this is it. Simple, yet intricate. Exciting, yet soothing. Rush is notorious for their well written lyrics and their catchy choruses, and Headlong Flight delivers. Oh yeah, and there is an awesome guitar/drums solo too! If there were a Rush equation for this song, it would be Bastille Day + In the End / The Main Monkey Business = Headlong Flight.

Most Intense Song: “BU2B” – This album is much more intense than any of their previous ones, so I felt the need to make an award for this. BU2B is a pretty slowly paced song, but the chords and background sounds his give you goosebumps.

Catchiest Song: “The Wreckers” – My good friend/author for Project Landmine, Andrew Barker, said that this song is “the closest to pop Rush will ever get.” At first I told him to piss off (under my breath naturally), but then I listened to it and was really impressed. If you aren’t a big Rush fan (yet), I would recommend this song for you first, because you will be sold from the first 30 seconds alone. Now if only all music today sounded like this…

Best Written: “Clockwork Angels” – This is a very mysterious song and it gave me chills up my spine when I first heard it. As we all know, Neil Peart is the mastermind to all of Rush’s lyrics, and he still is on his game. To quickly summarize this song, it is about a people in a city who look up to the clockwork angels and rely on them. Here is a sample from the song: “Lean not upon your own understanding; Ignorance is well and truly blessed; Trust in perfect love, and perfect planning; Everything will turn out for the best” . Its the second longest track on the album, but also a great story.

Most Underrated Song: “The Garden” – The saying “last but not least” has never been more true. The Garden sounds like a Rush song from the 80s (except without all the crazy amount of keyboards). This song is also well written, but I figured this song wouldn’t get as much notice because it is later in thew album. Also, does anyone else think of Linkin Park when they hear this song?…

Overall, if you are ready to go on a musical adventure, please purchase this album and get ready to have your face melted off.