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Cool Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

by Nicholas Vitukevich

DYI Pick Punch – If you’re looking for something a little unique for dad this Father’s Day, this might do the trick.Whether your dad can play the guitar like John Bon Jovi or Adam Sandler it really doesn’t matter. We all get junk mail from banks and credit card companies – often times too much. And if you’re like my mom you spend 20 minutes shredding the card up in every which direction, putting it in bag after so no numbers can be read and no one can get your information – because we all know there’s curb side trash pickers in rural New Hampshire. Regardless, this will kill two birds with one stone, you’ll never have to buy another pick again, and you won’t have empty gift cards laying around in draws for years on end. If you’ve used a hole punch, you’ll know how to work this nifty gadget.
Check it out at:
Price: $19.99 – 20.99

The Corkcicle – This might be a little phallic for you, but it does the job. You’re dad’s going to need this at some point. There will be plenty of summer BBQ, parties, gatherings and so on to come this year and in the future. So instead of having to get a tin to chill the ice in get this. You won’t have to keep filling zip lock bags full of ice every 20 minutes to keep it cold.
Check it out at:
Price: $23.00

Blade Runner Style LED Umbrella
I don’t know many people who still use umbrellas that often these days, but if you’re dads a Star Wars fan maybe he’ll like this. It looks like a light saber is going through the umbrella! Logically, this will be good if you live in the city and have to walk in dim lit areas at night – you won’t have to worry about a car not seeing you. But more importantly, you look badass. Check it out at:
Price: $14.99

Motorized Tie Rack - This may seem cheesy but it’s actually a useful device. Your dad might be a big business man so he probably has dozens and dozens of shirts and ties. And looking for a tie to go with a shirt could take valuable time away from the day. This will cut down on the time. It also lights up, rotates, and holds up to 60 ties.
Check it out at:
Price: $39.99

Whiskey Stones - Maybe this is more for your grandfather than your father. Or maybe you’re going to surprise sending these my way. Whoever you get them for these are a brilliant idea. Your dad might be a classic whiskey (or any type of hard liquor) drinker. He, unlike you, might enjoy a glass of alcohol for the taste, and less for the affect (let’s be honest…). And we all know if you throw ice in your drink it will water it down. The whiskey stones are perfect to make sure that doesn’t happen. They’re made out of soapstone, are odorless, tasteless and last longer than ice. You can get a set of 9 for fairly cheap.

Check it out at:
Price: $19.99

Recycled Bike Tread Belt - If you’re dads into recycling, reused stuff, or just wants something different this might be for him. This is definitely a unique product that will have him talking.
Check it out at:
Price: $28.00

The Zobie Survival Guide
– Just sayin’.

Check it out at:
Price: $9.99 – 14.99

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