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Glazed Donut Flavored Vodka

by James Connelly

Now as easy as Don Draper makes it seem not all hard alcohol is easy to stomach. 360 Vodka has made it a mission to make it easy and tasty too, without making it seem like you are just mixing in the freshmen dorms. 360 Vodka has produced flavored vodka such as Black Cherry, Cola, Grape, Vanilla, Peach and many more. The newest flavor to join the line up is Glazed Donut. The cool part of the site is the multiple recipes for each flavor. The site offers step by step powerful and popular drinks for anyone to mix right up. It is a a great way to mix a flavored alcohol and not just use a soda or fruit juice. This is the type of alcohol that might take a few more minutes to make a drink but well worth it. With flavors like Glazed Donut, Cola and Peach it is time to ditch the plastic Smirnoff and try some of these flavors that pack a savoy punch to your taste buds.

About James Connelly

James Connelly is a College Graduate who plans to pay his loans by becoming a Power Ranger (They have a great benefits program.) After that he plans on marrying Taylor Swift and then breaking her heart just so she will write a song about him.

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