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The Only Logical Cast for the Justice League Movie That will Never Happen

by Sean Connelly

Now as a kid the superhero for me was Superman. He was just awesome. With the recent success of The Avengers movie many people were thinking about the possibility of a Justice League movie. The answer is pretty simple. There will not be a Justice League movie. There are several reasons behind this answer, the first is that Christan Bale is not coming back. This, for me at least, is the biggest reason that this movie will not happen. With the final chapter of the Batman Trilogy coming to a close there is no way to get Bale back. Without Bale they would have to rethink how to do the Justice League movie. There also has been two Supermans in the past decade so recasting and rethinking for that superhero would also be a must. Finally, let’s not forget the “Green Lantern” debacle. Ryan Reynolds might have made DC Comics rethink ever doing a movie again. There are just to many challenges to think it is viable for DC to make this movie happen. The film would have to strike while the iron is hot and release Justice League movie before any solo films. If they decide against that it would clearly have to be one Superman and Batman crossover.

With all of that said I would like to one day see The Justice League come to the big screen. I would only want the original members only in the movie though. The villain I would want in the film would definitely be Prometheus, this guy is just so bad ass. I would like the story to be as follows: The Justice League has been disbanded as they have brought peace to the world. A world eradicated of super villains has in fact rendered The Justice League has been render useless. About 10-15 years after the “League” has gone their separate ways, Prometheus escapes a maximum security government facility. This news is ill received and the “League”, now with all their heroes in middle age, must go and hunt him down. Now obviously the good guys win the bad guy looses and everyone is happy they spent the $11.25 to see the movie. The hard part about this movie though is not the script, DC Comics has hundreds of scripts lying around called comic books. The hard part about this movie would be casting the right people to play the part. I will try and do my best but just remember this is all just fiction, I would like to see these people in the movie.


Jon Hamm as Superman

I think Hamm could pull it off. Week in and week out, Hamm plays Don Draper on AMC’s “Mad Men.” Draper, much like Superman, has a deep back story filled with complexity and turns. Since Hamm has mastered Draper’s character I think he could easily capture the essence of a middle aged Superman. My Superman would have assimilated into normal life after the “League” disbands and is quietly living with his wife, Lois Lane, and two children. Superman, as Clark Kent, would be out of the paper business and running an online paper or something along those lines to modern the story up a bit. When Prometheus escapes he tells his wife he must go on a business trip and leaves to the Hall of Justice. A Jon Hamm Superman would be perfect for the look I’m going for in this movie.

If anyone could follow Bale.

Tom Cruise as Batman

This was a really hard one to cast because Christian Bale did it so well. I feel Tom Cruise is a polished enough actor that he could take the intensity of the Batman Bale created and add his own spin onto it. Batman would be toiling away as Bruce Wayne head of Wayne Corp. Alfred has passed a few years ago and Batman hasn’t been active in about fifteen years. Wayne has become just a regular guy, going to work going home and doing it agian the next day. Wayne is alone, no wife or children, just his thought. When Wayne sees the news reports that Prometheus has escaped he immediately heads down to the Bat Cave to begin preparing himself to be Batman again.

A more mature Wonder Women

Monica Bellucci as Wonder Woman

So many actresses came to mind when I was thinking about who the perfect Wonder Woman would be. Monica Bellucci was the actress I finally decided on because of her range, and because she’s not the worst thing on the eyes. Since they are all middle aged now you need somebody who looks middle aged while at the same time looks young, in my mind Monica Bellucci has that look. Wonder Woman would be a soccer mom with a husband that makes enough money where she doesn’t have to work. Although she’s taught he children how to be polite and honest something is missing, the thrill of putting evildoers away. When she receives a call from Clark Kent she immediately springs into action, jumping in the minivan and heading to the storage unit she leases to grab her Wonder Woman costume.

Have you seen Shame? Fassbender has some moves.

Michael Fassbender as Flash

Now I know he’s already played Magneto is Marvel Comic’s “X-Men: First Class” but I think he would be a perfect fit for the Flash. I always pictured Flash as the youngest member of the “League” and Fassbender does look young. My Flash would be a recovering alcoholic, after leaving the “League” and having no need for his powers Flash turned to booze. When he gets the call that the “League” is reconvening he is reluctant to join. Flash feels if he goes back and uses his powers again that he will slip into a depressed state and start drinking again. This reasoning leads him to not join up with the “League” right away. He will however join them in some spectacular fashion, such as saving somebody’s life in a battle scene.

Obviously a better choice then Van Wilder

Sean Penn as Green Lantern

Sean Penn is one of the greatest actors of all time and very easily could play an intense version of Green Lantern. Anything would be better than Ryan Reynolds at this point, am I right? Hal Jordan (Green Lantern’s alter ego) would be the manager of a plane assembly plant. After years of being a test pilot for the Air Force he took his pension and settled at this job, his powers no longer needed. Day by day he creates planes for the Air Force and day by day he becomes more and more bored. This boredom leads to a faulty plane being built and is responsible for the death of two members of the Air Force. This tradegy leads him to be fired and now all he does is sit on the couch. When Clark Kent arrives his whole demeanor changes and an intensity comes over him as he prepares to become a superhero once again.

It is this or Boondock Saints 3

Norman Reedus as Aquaman

Many of you probably remember Norman Reedus from “The Boondock Saints” movie. Reedus is actually a very good actor and currently has a role on AMC’s ensemble show “The Walking Dead” which is currently in between seasons. In my movie Reedus would lend himself perfectly to the character of Aquaman. He would obviously have a job associated with water, the job I think would be good for him is a deep sea treasure hunter. By having this job Aquaman would still be near the water and it would make Aquaman seem a little less like the dumbest superhero ever. While exploring the arctic for treasure he receives a message that the “League” has reassembled. He is hesitant to go because he is close to finding whatever treasure he is looking for but realizes that if the “League is calling it must be important and leaves his search in order to help.

A great voice for a lesser known hero.

Sam Rockwel l as Martian Manhunter

Now if I were actually making this movie Martian Manhunter would be exclusively CGI, so I picked what voice I would like to hear. Sam Rockwell is an amazing actor with an amazing slow droning voice when necessary. I feel with Sam Rockwell’s voice matched with CGI the Martian Manhunter would really ocme alive in this movie. In the fifteen years since the dismemberment of the “League” Martian Manhunter found a way to teleport back home to Mars. In doing so though, he left the planet he defended for so long. When Prometheus returns MM has no idea of the matter and simply goes on living his life. On Earth however the greatest minds are hard at work on trying to get in communication with MM when finally Superman finally decides the “League” does in fact need him and flies to Mars to tell him the news. Superman pleads with MM to come back to Earth to help defend it once more. Martian Manhunter agrees and the Justice League is assembled.

This guy plays a villain in everything come on!

Ray Stevenson as Prometheus

When I first watched Ray Stevenson act it was in the movie “Kill the Irishman” where he played Danny Greene an Irish mob boss in the seventies. Stevenson, in that movie showed coldness and anger, both traits that would lend themselves to Prometheus. The story of Prometheus is one not many people know about. Prometheus lived with his two hippie parents and traveled across the country. One day his parents are murdered by police officers. This is the day he decides he will kill anyone who stands in the name of “justice”. After his parents die he go around the world and hones his evil skills, even studying at a monastery run by evil monks. In my story, and the comic book, Prometheus has a mental breakdown and because of that he is able to be captured. When he has recovered from his breakdown he once again becomes dangerous and unleashes Hell on the guards of his facility and escapes ready to kill all those who stand in the way of justice.

So there it is, a good story with a great cast! If you have any other ideas for a story or any other actors you think would fit in better as superheroes please feel free to troll the boards.

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