The Old Family Guy Episodes are Way Funnier

by Michael Davies

Ten seasons. One hundred and eighty-two episodes. All the same story lines, jokes, and characters. How does Family Guy still have viewers?

I gave up on the show about three years ago and have not been tempted to watch any new episodes since. Sometimes my friends would tell me to watch a certain scene, but that is pretty much it. I miss the good old days where the show was so simple and had it’s original humor. The original episodes had a simple family from Rhode Island with endless possibilities. The Griffin’s could be so much more if it weren’t for the past five years.

I watched Family Guy back when there were new episodes way back in the year 2000. Yes, I was a 10-year old rebel watching a show rated TV-14. I thought it was the funniest show I had ever seen, even better than The Simpsons at the time. Family Guy had the perfect formula for each episode with their crazy situations and hilarious cut away scenes. I was even laughing at references from the 80′s that I didn’t understand one bit. Then after three seasons, in typical FOX fashion, the show was cancelled.

I kind of forgot about the show once it was cancelled, but one day in 2003 I was randomly in my local CD store (if those still exist) and saw the show available on DVD. I freaked out because I had not seen the show in years, so I threw myself on the ground and started screaming like a girl from My Super Sweet 16 until my dad bought me the complete 1st and 2nd season pack. I watched every episode countless times and could quote every episode verbatim. My jokes became quotes from Family Guy and my friends thought I was borderline retarded, but I didn’t care. Then one faithful day, Adult Swim decided to air the reruns at night. The first episode they aired was the episode that starts off with Stewie dreaming about Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and I legitimately cried because I was so happy.

Because of the huge success of the DVD sales and ratings from Adult Swim, FOX finally smartened up and had Seth MacFarlane make new episodes. And just like that, Family Guy has not looked back since.

As an original fan, I was thrilled that there was going to be new content. But then everything changed. After a few episodes of the new version of Family Guy, I noticed something different. The graphics, the repeated jokes, a desperate attempt of trying to be “the old Family Guy “. I still bought all the DVD seasons and watched all the new episodes, but then one day, I stopped. Someone asked me if I saw the new Family Guy last night and I just forgot to watch it. The person told me about the scene in great detail (you know those Family Guy fans that just sound ridiculous when they explain it) and I didn’t think it was funny whatsoever.

I became nostalgic. I missed the great moments like the Peter going to Meg’s high school to prevent kids from licking toads, Stewie trying to kill Lois, Chris being accused of hiding hams under his shirt at the grocery store, and Randy Newman getting hit in the head with an apple. My favorite moment ever is when Death talks about losing his virginity and continues to have sex with the girl he accidentally killed, but those moments are gone and forgotten to the “new Family Guy fans”. This video shows what Family Guy use to be about

Family Guy needs to go back to classic scenes like this Ronald McDonald moment.

Now in it’s 11th season, I just see outrageous graphics and unnecessary plots. The show began killing of characters and ending relationships. Wait, is this a cartoon or a daytime soap opera? The plots have intertwined with each other and you have to have seen every episode to understand what is going on. Here is a nice over the top cutaway scene that is completely unnecessary.

What happened to you Family Guy? You became desperate to appeal to everyone, when instead you should have stayed loyal to your original fans. I hope everyone understands how drastically different show is and I hope you watch the first three seasons instead. Look back at the glory days and see how awesome the show use to be. Seth MacFarlane needs to only focus on this show. American Dad , although funny, is taking away valuable jokes that could be used in Family Guy . The Cleveland Show , do people even watch this?

You may be asking yourself, why are you so against Family Guy and not against The Simpsons ? It’s because without The Simpsons , there would be no other cartoon that would rule prime time television. As far as I am concerned, The Simpsons can do whatever the heck they want. You want to making new episodes until the year 2050? Please do! They may not be as funny as the mid-90′s episodes, but they earned the right to do that. Family Guy needs to realize that they are not on The Simpsons level yet and should reconsider what they are doing to the show. It kills me to see them ruin such a beautiful concept and turn into the garbage you see today.

Get your act together Seth.