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Can the Avengers Go Back to their Own Films?

by James Connelly

I was asked to write an article on the Avengers after I saw the midnight premiere. I decided against it because I began reading everybody’s breakdown of what the film did right and who they already wanted to see in the second film. This is to be expected but I went to see the film a second time and really studied what was going on with the characters. A lot has been over looked in the release of the movie. Some of my points are simple but some will make you think of where this francise is going after this blockbuster dies down.

The first thing I really started thinking as I watched the film a second time was how in the hell are these characters ever going to be able to star in their own films again. Of course you have Stark who is RDJ in a nutshell but who else can hold their own post-Avengers. If you think about it the idea that a person will want to just go see Captain America fight alone after he fought beside Thor does not make much sense. My only solution is THIS, for the next few films at least. In Iron Man 3 you need to see Tony working Banner. The film would revolve around Stark but the Hulk will stay fresh in the minds of the fans as the character of Banner developed. In Captain America it will follow Rodgers on a misson but his two partners will be Hawkeye and Black Widow. These three are seen assembling together and seen as the three “human” characters. This was a very interesting dynamic and could be explored in depth more. As far as Thor he has Loki and Natalie Portman on his side still so he could handle a film with maybe just Nick Fury along with a reintroduction of Thanos.

Speaking of Thanos I have my doubts. I understand his role in the Marvel Universe but after seeing Tom Hiddleston portray Loki so well can an audience really get behind and suspend their disbelief for a purple alien. Thanos’ quote at the end of the film was “To attack earth would be courting death!” Then why would you attack the human race when they don’t even have the damn cube anymore?! Then again you can only use Loki in so many films. Maybe Red Skull cough cough Cap.

The obvious scene stealer was Bruce Banner and the Hulk. The catch 22 here is that obviously it would be movie suicide to try and make a film around him again. I do need ask the question is the Hulk indestructible and if so does it make him the most affective Avenger? Furthermore can Banner control the Hulk and in that sense why did he try and kill Black Widow and then turn into the ultimate good guy saving Stark? Just asking.

A last few side notes would have to be I need to see more of Agent Hill, Agent Coulson is not gone for good I promise, and after what he pulled shouldn’t Nick Fury be fired?

The film was an incredible ride and the only competition it has for the summer is The Dark Knight Rises and honestly it is going to be a close one at the box office. The one thing I can bet on is that it will be interesting where they start going with the Marvel Universe in Iron 3 which starts filming in two weeks.

About James Connelly

James Connelly is a College Graduate who plans to pay his loans by becoming a Power Ranger (They have a great benefits program.) After that he plans on marrying Taylor Swift and then breaking her heart just so she will write a song about him.

6 Comments on “ Can the Avengers Go Back to their Own Films?

  1. Carson Aldis
    May 18, 2012

    Thanos’ smirk at the line “to court death” is an Easter egg inside an Easter egg. The character is obsessed with the female incarnation of Death, and travels the galaxy trying to court her, destroying worlds to become worthy.
    It’s an interesting point. There will always be loyal fans, but these individual movies wont make much compared to Avengers. Will Disney be ok with that?

    May 18, 2012

    Had very similar opinions and questions about the film. Good article dude.

  3. Nathan D.
    May 18, 2012

    “I do need ask the question is the Hulk indestructible and if so does it make him the most affective Avenger? Furthermore can Banner control the Hulk and in that sense why did he try and kill Black Widow and then turn into the ultimate good guy saving Stark?”

    Good questions. I don’t know about him being indestructible, but that sure does seem to be what was implied. As for the second question, it’s my understanding (sorry, I don’t recall where I read this) that when Banner transforms into the Hulk involuntarily, out of fear for his life (as he does on the Helicarrier), he turns into Hulk in “berserk mode”, destroying everything & everyone around him until the danger is gone and he eventually turns back into Banner. At the very end of the film, however, he deliberately transforms into the Hulk in order to attack the Chitauri Leviathan that was chasing Iron Man. Thus, he had a lot more control over his emotions & actions. Though obviously he still wasn’t a model of self-control & thoughtfulness, as demonstrated by his unnecessary punching of Thor into a wall after eliminating several Chitauri soldiers in that building.

    • James Connelly
      May 19, 2012

      I think that is a great way too look at it but I am still so confused by his quote to Captain where he says that is my secret I’m always angry. So is there literally just two modes he has where he transforms by accident and then on purpose where he has full control.

    • Natalie
      May 22, 2012

      He punched Thor to get him back for beating him on the ship with the hammer. He was in control. It was obvious control. The present danger was over, so it was safe to knock him down a little.

  4. Sir Gregory King of York
    May 22, 2012

    Good article dude very insightful. Marvel needs to get the rights to X-men and bring in Wolverine for Avengers 2, that would be the stupid phat yo.

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