by Sean Connelly

With the movie Dark Shadows coming out soon it made me realize, Johnny Depp has been in so many movies. I decided that I was going to pick the ten best characters he’s ever played. This was not an easy task and I know that some of you will disagree with my choices but come on he’s acted in over 5o things! I gotta put in a disclaimer though because I’ve already gotten heat for it, I have never seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I’m sure Depp does an amazing job but there’s no way I could judge him on something I haven’t seen.

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Mad Hatter: Alice in Wonderland
  2. Lerner: Platoon
  3. Officer Tom Hanson: 21 Jump Street
  4. Inspector Frederick Abberline: From Hell
  5. Sweeney Todd: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

If you haven’t seen these films you should totally get on that. Now here are Johnny Depp’s 10 best characters EVER!

10. Gilbert Grape: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

Now this is one of Johnny’s earlier roles but in my opinion, very worthy of the top ten. In this movie Depp plays Gilbert a young man who tries to support his family. Now this doesn’t seem like a hard task but his family consists of a mentally retarded Leonardo DiCaprio, and an eight-thousand or so pound mother. DiCaprio went full retard in this movie and knocked it outta the park. Depp also knocked his role out of the park making me realize I’m very lucky that my mother is average weight and my brother isn’t trying to climb up water towers all the time. (P.S. I know the quality is shitty but the movie’s from 1993 so cut me some slack)

9. Ichabod Crane: Sleepy Hollow

The first Tim Burton to crack the top ten. Yes, I’m aware we’re only at nine but I mean I’m pretty sure half of the movies Johnny Depp has done involve Tim Burton in one way or another. Anyways, this movie has all the elements of a tim burton movie the lack of color, yet the whites and blacks are so vibrant. Johnny Depp steals the show in this re-imagining of the old tale as Ichabod Crane. In the original story Ichabod is a school teacher in the late 1700′s that get decapitated. In Burton’s retelling Depp plays Constable Crane a detective sent from New York City to find out how the murders happen. This movie isn’t the best thing I’ve ever seen but Johnny Depp does a great job playing the neurotic detective saddled with the case of the Headless Horseman.

8. Sands: Once Upon A Time in Mexico

Now this is one of my favorite movies of all time and having Johnny Depp nail his part is a huge reason I love it. Depp plays CIA Agent Sheldon Sands. Sands recruits El Mariachi (Antonio Banderas) to help kill General Emiliano Marquez. The thing I love about this character is how Depp plays him. Sands is such a pompous dickhead yet for some reason I want him to succeed. At the same time though I want him to fail. Sands eventually gets what’s coming to him as you can see from the clip below. Depp did a killer job in this movie and has made Sands my number eight character on this list.

7.Donnie Brasco: Donnie Brasco

If you thought Johnny Depp was a good CIA agent wait until you see him as a FBI agent! Starring opposite Al Pacino Johnny Depp plays FBI Agent Joe Pistone. Pistone infiltrates the mob as a young up and coming mobster Donnie Brasco. As he goes deeper and deeper undercover Pistone finds that he starts to relate more and more to his cover Brasco. Depp is able to beautifully portray  a conflicted man. the conflict being stay at his job at he FBI or leave his lawful life and jump on the other team. If you want a thriller that really thrills this movie is totally for you. The fact Depp is in this movie doesn’t hurt either!

6. Edward Scissorhands: Edward Scissorhands

Now I’m starting to notice a theme here, Johnny Depp’s character name is usually in the name of the movie’s title. Do you think Depp is so vein that he has a clause in his contract that makes it so half the movies he does have to have his character’s name in it? If so, what a shrewd man! Anyways this is another collaboration with Tim Burton and it’s just as weird as every movie Tim Burton has ever done. This movie is so weird and I think Johnny Depp said like 100 words in the entire movie. It’s what Depp didn’t say that made him such a great character. The way Depp emotes makes this character not only sympathetic but very intriguing.

5. Rango: Rango

Now I’m well aware that Johnny Depp only provides the voice to the main character in this movie but I really like Rango. Depp plays a domesticated chameleon that is thrown into the real wild west early on in this movie. Rango then uses his mediocre acting skills to con his way to sheriff in the frontier town of Dirt. Depp’s voice says enough to make me put Rango on the list of great Johnny Depp characters.

4. Mort Rainey: Secret Window

What can I say about Mort Rainey. Psychopath! Legit this is the craziest guy Johnny Depp has ever played. Maybe you’ve never heard of this movie and that’s fine. Maybe you don’t agree with my decision to put Mort Rainey this high on the list, that’s fine too. One thing you can not disagree with is the fact that this is the craziest character he has ever played. Mort Rainey is a novelist that slips into insanity after finding out his wife has cheated on him. I think the best part about this character is the way Depp slowly slips into insanity Depp shows this buy adopting little ticks and quirks through the movie. If you ever have a chance to see this movie do it, you will not regret it.

3. John Dillinger: Public Enemies

John Dillinger was America’s first great bank robber. Johnny Depp is one of America’s greatest actors. It’s only fitting then, that Johnny Depp would play John Dillinger in the dramatized biopic. Depp does a fantastic job at playing an enigma. Dillinger is an outlaw, this is a very defined point in the movie. There is no gray area in the movie he is the bad guy. At the same time though, a least for me, I can’t root against him. Throughout the whole movie I constantly root for Dillinger to escape the law. This is one of Depp’s best roles of his career and I would highly recommend watching this film if you haven’t.

2. George Jung: Blow

Who hasn’t seen this movie? If you haven’t you’ve probably been living under a rock. Depp plays George Jung in this movie that is based on a true story. Jung was the biggest, coolest, sexiest (wait, what?) drug dealer in the seventies and eighties. Depp absolutely steals the entire movie away from Ethan Suplee (remember how fat he was?) Anyways this is legit my personal favorite character, but there’s still one more on the list!

1. Captain Jack Sparrow : Pirates of the Carribean

Now I could do a blurb about this character but I think these two clips say it the best.