by Nicholas Vitukevich

There’s only a few weeks left for many of us. Some might be worrying about jobs, money, housing, bills. But really, the most important thing to start worrying about is beer. Yes, beer…because you need to start looking for new ones. You can’t keep drinking what you did in college. Are you going to go to a dinner for work, or to a bar with some of your coworker’s and try to order Keystone Light or Busch heavy? I hope not. Those were good and all when you lived in a 15X15 dorm room with cinder block walls, but now it’s time to step it up. Here’s some of our top choices.

1) Samuel Adams Boston Lager: Brought to you from the Boston Beer Company (BBC). My personal favorite. It might be a good “transitional” beer for our Keystone drinkers. It’s a dark beer, but not too heavy. It’s sweeter than most beers in flavor, and is a crisp golden brown in color. The sweetness kicks in towards the end as a caramelized flavor, with a small bit of bitterness lingering in the after taste that overpowers your mouth. It might not be something you can funnel down, but it’s definitely a beer you can have a good amount of without getting too full. If you think this beer is too heavy, you need to start getting out of the $9.99 for a 30 rack routine.

Quick background: There’s 4.8 percent ABV in Boston Lager. It launched in 1985 and is the main beer of BBC, the largest American-owned brewery.

2) Guinness Draught - It’s more Irish than the city of Dublin. Guinness is not for our beginner beer drinkers. If you’re not used to anything besides PBR sit out on this one and start somewhere else. But for our post-grad that’s been experimenting for a while and looking to get a little bold this one’s for you.  It’s dark in color, and full of flavor. While the chocolate milkshake coloring may scare you off, don’t let it. It’s actually not that thick tasting. It may not be something you can drink a couple rounds worth but it will be perfect to order with some steak at your first dinner out with your new boss. The taste is smooth and refreshing, with a dry-roasted flavor as an aftertaste. You don’t feel quenched after thinking it, you do want more though. Despite rumors, you won’t get drunker off it. Just because it’s darker doesn’t mean it’s going to get you drunk faster.

Quick background: It has a ABV of 4.3 percent. The Guinness Factory is located in Dublin, Ireland.

3) Heineken - If you’re trying to shake the Coors and Buds but my other two choices don’t do it for you, try Heineken. It’s a lighter beer but is more mature than anything you played a game of Kings with, and will look go when you go out for a drink after work with your coworker’s. One sip will show the flavor of light hops. While Guinness was dry, and Boston Lager was sweet. This is a combination of the two. It starts of sweet with some bitterness present, but then finishes dry.

Quick Background: It has a 5.0 percent ABV. It is brewed in Amsterdam and has a heavy presence all over Europe.

My Seasonal Brews:

1) Samuel Adams Summer Ale -If Summer were a drink, it’d be this. Upon drinking you automatically imagine barbeques, beaches, and pool parties. It’s brewed with wheat and citrus, which overpowers most of your mouth. It’s light in taste, easy to have during a hot summers afternoon.

2) Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale -It’s what every fall beer wants to be. Gold in color, it’s a fizzy, carbonated beer. Unlike most fall-winter beers it’s not heavy.It’s a lighter seasonal ale, with an array of spices: a little bit of pumpkin, lemon, cinnamon and nutmeg. Ask for a little cinnamon around the rim of your cup and atop the beer and your taste buds will go crazy. Add a shot of vanilla vodka to it for even more flavor (and alcohol).