by Michael Davies

There is no hiding the fact that Nickelodeon’s hit cartoon Rocko’s Modern Life was one of the most inappropriate cartoons ever made. As a kid, I never thought the show was gross and never noticed all the dirty jokes. After rewatching some of the episodes, I couldn’t believe how clueless I was as a child.
Rocko’s Modern Life was the fourth Nicktoon ever to debut on the channel in 1993. The show was surprisingly recommended for children to watch, and Nickelodeon admits they were looking for a  cartoon with “racier humor”. After all, one fifth of the audience that watched the show were adults.
Rocko lives in O-Town and always found himself in crazy situations. He lived in a house with his faithful dog, Spunky. He spent more of his time with his friends Heffer the cow and Filbert the turtle. Rocko also worked at “Kind of a lot of Comics”. The show always included many sexual innuendos, violent acts, and a lot of puke.There were a lot of moments in the show that had me second guessing if this show was appropriate for kids to watch.

For starters, I found it weird that Heffer lived with a pack of wolves. We eventually find out that Heffer was intended to be eaten by his family, but they decide to keep him because he was too cute. Are we sure this is good content for a kid’s channel?

The show was extremely stereotypical. As you can see in this video, Rocko is listening to music and is changing his look to every song he hears.

At the end of an episode, Rocko says that he likes rainbows and everyone calls him out for it and are completely disgusted by him. This suggests that the characters are not okay with homosexuality. That’s so 90s.
There are way too many sexual innuendos in this show. The show had to make many revisions after episodes aired for their first time.

There was also another episode where Rocko is trying to find a job and gets a job at (what we can assume) a phone sex hotline. Rocko only works there for a short time after receiving a phone call from his neighbor, Mrs. Bighead.

Rocko and his friends also ate at the restaurant, “The Chokey Chicken”, which we all know what that means.

At one point, Heffer encounters a milking machine and gets a lot of pleasure out of that if you catch my drift.
There is also a scene where Rocko and Heffer stay at a motel called the “No-Tell Motel”. The clerk behind the desk asks them if they want a room for all night long, resulting in miscellaneous whistling in the background.

The creepiest thing I ever saw in an episode was when Heffer and Filbert film Rocko from outside his window and find out that he sleeps naked.
Also, during the Suck-o-matic episode, there is a field of naked fairies that get moved over, but behind the grass is a hamster looking at them through binoculars in only his underwear.
The show even poked fun at its inappropriateness when during an episode, Rocko is naked and a mysterious man comes on screen and puts a censor far over his bottom area.
There is no questioning that Rocko’s Modern Life was the most inappropriate cartoon in Nickelodeon, but maybe that’s what the channel really needed. Many people would agree that this was the best 90′s Nicktoon on television. I, as well as millions of people across the country, want the old Nickelodeon back. I want the old school cartoons that made our childhoods and had original and, most importantly, were friggen hilarious. Get your act together Nickelodeon and meet our demands!