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By Jim Vinson When you think of the great romantics throughout history, there are a number of candidates who exemplify what true romance and love is.  You could say it …

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Where exactly did Adam Sandler go wrong?

Remember when everybody loved Adam Sandler? When he was atop of the comedy world?

Yeah, you remember, it was only a few years ago when everybody’s Myspace profiles read “Favorite Movie: Anything with Adam Sandler in it.” He was the comedian my father hated because of his crude acts, vulgarity and overall comedic stupidity he brought to the screen.

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By: Sean Connelly I recently went to a restaurant in Hingham, Massachusetts named Wahlburgers. It’s a burger joint that is own by one of Mark Wahlburg’s brothers. I had heard …

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So I was at the ATM the other day and an old woman came up behind me and ask if I could help her check her balance so I shoved …

June 15, 2012 ·

Muhammad Khan Hussein (no relation) was born in a small town in Pakistan. He was born to a wealthy family, his father is an oil baron in the Middle East. …

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Cool last minute Father’s Day gifts

by Nicholas Vitukevich DYI Pick Punch – If you’re looking for something a little unique for dad this Father’s Day, this might do the trick.Whether your dad can play the … Continue reading

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by Nicholas Vitukevich The concept was simple. Pick up a passenger and drive, fast. Really fast. Crazy Taxi was as simple and as addicting, as Pac-Man. The once arcade game …

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By James Connelly Now it has been days since the second to last episode of season five with an ending leaving Don Draper once again feeling flawed. I promise you …

June 10, 2012 ·

Authors Sean Connelly and Andrew Barker enjoying the weekend…while getting weird looks.

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Project Landmine Weekly Pic Dump

The Pic Dump is back and it’s Star Wars themed this time! Check back every Friday for the Pic Dump, and don’t forget to give us a follow on twitter … Continue reading

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